Taylor’s Netflix documentary gets a Swift-ly approaching release date

Taylor’s Netflix documentary gets a Swift-ly approaching release date

Photo: Steven Ferdman (Getty Images)

The Battle At Big Machine could have resulted in a few more casualties (you know, beyond a prolific artist losing control over the majority of her art), but one thing did survive, and fans will get to see it it sooner than we thought. Per Pitchfork, Taylor Swift has revealed the release date for her Netflix documentary Miss Americana: January 31.

Before it begins streaming, Miss Americana will make its official debut at this year’s Sundance Film Festival January 23, a little over a week before the general public gets to view it. If you recall, towards the end of last year Swift called out owner Scooter Braun for allegedly blocking her from publicly performing/using her own music, which would have deeply affected her planned medley at the American Music Awards and her Netflix documentary (though the royalty-free, close-but-not-quite genre of polite cover music is always pretty hilarious to hear in the wild). As of last month, the licensing issue appears to be resolved enough for her to score the Big Machine fued with a classical rendition of “Bad Blood,” if she so chooses (fingers crossed). This should be a big quarter for Swift, as GLAAD announced at the beginning of the year that it would be honoring her during their Media Awards in April for her LGBTQ advoc



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