Taylor Swift asks fans to bring down U.S. president with controversial “vote early” message

Taylor Swift asks fans to bring down U.S. president with controversial “vote early” message

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift
Photo: Steven Ferdman (Getty Images)

Clever Billboard manipulator Taylor Swift took a break from political rabble-rousing at the end of July to release her new album Folklore, but just before that she was voicing her support for Black Lives Matter protestors and joining in on the call for America’s stupidest, ugliest, and most racist monuments to be torn down. Now Taylor Swift has gone political once again, and she’s using her Twitter page to recommend that her followers join in on a controversial form of political subterfuge called “voting.” Apparently, this “voting” could be a way to bring down Donald Trump, and to ensure that this plan is as successful as possible, Swift even wants her fans to vote early by requesting mail-in ballots.

Naturally, Trump is actively trying to undermine this approach by not-so-quietly dismantling the USPS, theoretically making it harder for mail-in ballots to be collected and counted, with his administration facing accusations of withholding billions of dollars in USPS funding simply because Trump is willing to do whatever he can to steal the upcoming election. Anyway, you presumably know all about this stuff already, since this USPS drama has been big news for a while now, but Taylor Swift tweeting about it is a good way to keep it in the public consciousness and maybe draw attention to it for people who might not otherwise follow politics—though, as has increasingly been the case, being a Taylor Swift fan requires some level of political engagement.

A pessimist might point out that there’s only so much anyone can do, even if they’re Taylor Swift, since we stupidly entrusted our elected officials with trivial things like… making sure elections happen, running the mail, and preventing political figures from trying to get in the way of any of those important processes for the sake of their own insatiable greed. But hey, stuff like Taylor Swift asking her Twitter followers to vote early can’t hurt, so it’s cool. Who knows, maybe things will work out.

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