Rhys Lewis – No Right To Love You

Rhys Lewis – No Right To Love You

This little tune speaks on learning how to let go of someone you love and sadly realizing that they are no longer your person, even if you’re the one who ended things. Its raw and vulnerable lyrics will twist your heartstrings, which makes it even more admirable how transparently the London-based musician talks about what he’s going through.

At first this song may feel acoustic, but listen close and you’ll realize it’s more of a bedroom pop jam. However, it still feels cozy and calming. Plus, his Ed Sheeran-like vocals are so sweet.

This song comes from his debut album,Things I Chose To Remember. Debut albums are always special to me because it’s an artist’s starting point. It’s interesting to see how they choose to kick off their discography and reveal their creativity in style and songwriting to listeners.

And of course, every great album needs a great ballad. “No Right To Love You” fits the bill.



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