Quarantine leads guy to create maniacally detailed Taylor Swift theme park

Quarantine leads guy to create maniacally detailed Taylor Swift theme park

Matthew Ables says that 2020 has taken two of his favorite activities away from him: Going to theme parks and Taylor Swift concerts. In a mighty display of his determination not to allow this year of miseries to defeat him, Ables decided to combine his two loves into a wildly intricate theme park design themed around Swift’s albums and music videos.

The best way to understand the level of effort poured into Ables’ “Wonderland” is to watch a video posted to his YouTube channel that sees the mad scientist himself explaining the thought process behind the place’s layout and the design of its more than 60 attractions.

After walking through the gates of a mansion inspired by Swift’s “Blank Space” video, visitors can check out stuff like a red carpet show where people dance around in “outfits worn by Taylor and her dancers on tour and in her music videos,” watch cat acrobats perform in a big tent, and ride around on “Swiftcycles” in a 4D ride modeled after the “Bad Blood” video. Every attraction is categorized by a Swift album, meaning there’s a bunch of sections with names like “1989 Land” and “Lover Land.” It is, in short, the kind of thing only a diehard fan driven half-mad by quarantine would create.

If you don’t want to listen to Ables’ in-depth tour through each of his park’s attractions, he’s also posted high quality pictures of the map on Twitter. If you, too, are losing your shit stuck in the house, consider staring deeply into these images and, Swift fan or not, dream about the fantastical possibility of living in a world where you can actually go to a theme park again.

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