Naezy on self-isolation: I listen to Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Rihanna to calm myself

Naezy on self-isolation: I listen to Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Rihanna to calm myself

Written by Komal RJ Panchal
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Updated: April 1, 2020 4:51:11 pm

naezy Rapper Naezy gets candid about making music (Photo: Instagram/naezy).

Rapper Naezy went live from The Indian Express’s Facebook page on Monday. During the session, the rap star revealed how the self-isolation period is helping him create more music. He also urged people to stay home and help the world combat coronavirus.

Naezy emphasised the importance of being at home. He said, “We are all locked down in our homes, can’t party with friends or go out, but this is the best step to fight this ‘bimaari’ (coronavirus). Be home, be safe. In the lyrics of my recent song “Maghreb”, I had written, “surakshit hai tu apne ghar pe, na jaa ab tu raston pe” (You are safe at home, don’t go on the roads), and that’s what has really happened today. Home is a safe place.”

When a fan asked him about his thoughts on coronavirus, Naezy said, “It is a dangerous virus that started in China but has taken over the whole world. I have started feeling like nature is taking revenge. We should have treated nature well, and I think we still have a chance. We should take care of mother nature, and not take it for granted.”

“People were asking me if I am getting bored sitting at home, but really I am having fun. I am liking it. I think I have got an opportunity to really sit down and think. I am able to write more songs. I am spending this time with my family and helping my mother with household chores. I am cooking with my mother. I have been reading books. Since I am a rapper, I love writing. It is like a puzzle that I keep playing, if I don’t get rhyming words or new words, this is the time to discover them. When I was in college, I used to enjoy playing cricket. But now that I have become an artiste, my hobbies have drastically changed.” Naezy added.

The rapper revealed that writing songs was a dream he harboured since he was in school. He said, “When I was in school, on my way home, I used to listen to a lot of English songs on phone. I used to think even I can write songs. I was a small boy when I first thought I could be a songwriter. So, I think being able to write songs has been a childhood dream. In this period of staying home, I can see how people are panicking. But it has affected me in a very different way. I am feeling inspired to write more.”

So what kind of music does Naezy listen to when he is not making music? “I listen to Taylor Swift to feel calm. I also listen to Lady Gaga and other female singers. I love Rihanna. I really love female vocalists,” he said.

When one of the viewers asked him about Gully Boy’s success, he said, “Yes I really liked Gully Boy. It is a very good movie. The way it was made, I think they have balanced it out well. It is commercial and at the same time, it has an authentic feel. I think that’s why the film is winning so many awards. I am happy for my friends and the film’s team. They have done a great job!”

Commenting further on Ranveer’s character, Naezy said, “However, I am not fully happy with the film, to be quite honest. Some things that were shown were not true. It was fictionalised. I have a mixed feeling about Gully Boy, on a personal level.”

So, how does the rap star handle all the popularity that followed him after his music and Gully Boy? He said, “More than overwhelming, the popularity is irritating. Sometimes I feel stuck. It is not easy to maintain this lifestyle. I am a simple person. I want to write songs, and make music, that’s all. Being popular when you are young can take a toll on you. I can’t roam around freely in the city.”

Naezy also spoke about how he misses his real self now that people see him only as Naezy, the rap artiste. He said, “I miss Naved. Naved is more punctual. He is an original. Naezy is the wild one. When Naved gets crazy, he becomes Naezy.”

Discussing his future projects, the artiste said, “After the quarantine period is over, I am going to drop two songs. Right now, I am writing new songs almost every day, and I think I’ll have enough songs for the whole year.”

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