Justin Bieber’s Tattoos Might Hint At The Title Of His Next Album

Justin Bieber’s Tattoos Might Hint At The Title Of His Next Album

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If you haven’t stopped listening to “Yummy” on repeat since its release early this morning (January 3), we’re going to need you to promptly hit pause on the delicious new single. Why? Because some super sleuthy Beliebers are already speculating about the title of Justin Bieber‘s upcoming fifth studio album, and if their theories are correct, it might be called Forever.

As longtime fans of JB already know, he had the titles of his previous two albums, Believe and Purpose, tattooed on his body around the time they came out. Thus, there’s a good chance he’s going to get his upcoming album title inked as well. But has he done so already? It’s certainly possible. And since he got the word “Forever” tattooed on his neck in early December, some fans seem fairly convinced that’s it.

“I was thinking for an hour and I hit up one thing,” one fan tweeted. “The tattoo ‘Forever’ on @justinbieber’s neck.I think this is the name of the next album… because Justin always tattooed his albums names on his body such as Believe, Purpose and now Forever. Is it a good theory?” Other Beliebers seem to agree, with one person writing, “@justinbieber the album title named forever right?”

Of course, only time will tell if this theory is correct. And no, it’s not the only fan theory out there. Some diehard fans of the pop star have speculated that his fifth album will be called “2020” due to all of his recent Instagram posts that display the year. Others think the album could be called “Patience” because of another one of his neck tattoos that he’s been rocking for a while. In other words, the possibilities are endless.

Even with all of the incredible fan theories hitting social media, there’s still a good chance they’re all incorrect. Per a source in a report by TMZ, “No firm decision on album name has been made,” so who knows? Maybe these theories might actually serve as some inspiration when it comes time for JB to lock down a title. In the meantime, though, the news outlet did reveal some reported information about what fans can expect from the upcoming LP, including which artists may even be featured on it.

According to TMZ, Travis Scott, Post Malone, and Kehlani are some of the alleged names on Bieber’s new album, so yeah, you’re not going to want to sleep on this release when it comes out. And speaking of when it comes out, TMZ reports that we can expect Bieber to drop the album by March, just months ahead of his 2020 tour, which is scheduled to kick off in Seattle in May.



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