Joe Alwyn says it’s ‘flattering’ when Taylor Swift writes songs about him

Joe Alwyn says it’s ‘flattering’ when Taylor Swift writes songs about him

Amy Haneline


Published 10:06 AM EST Dec 20, 2019

Joe Alwyn continues to show support for girlfriend Taylor Swift, but the two will continue to keep their relationship under the radar.

In an interview with The Times of London published Thursday, Alwyn said that he doesn’t mind Swift, 30, writing love songs about him.

“No, not at all. No. It’s flattering,” the English actor, 28, told the interviewer.

Swift’s “Reputation” album released last November had several tracks hinting at their love story – including “Gorgeous,” a song that has the pop star waxing poetic over her beau’s “ocean blue eyes,” and “London Boy.”

But Alwyn also shared he’s ignoring the media fanfare about them, and says 99.9% of what the press writes about them is false, including a claim that Swift has a private jet to visit Alwyn any time she wants.

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“I just don’t pay attention to what I don’t want to pay attention to,” “The Favourite” star told The Times. “I turn everything else down on a dial. I don’t have any interest in tabloids. I know what I want to do, and that’s this, and that’s what I am doing.”

The Times article was mostly focused on Alwyn’s role in a FX/BBC version of “Christmas Carol,” where he stars as Scrooge’s clerk Bob Cratchit. 

He recently shared a trailer of the 3-part show to his Instagram, which of course, Swift liked. 

“Hard to fill the shoes once worn by Kermit. But I tried,” Alwyn captioned the clip in reference to the beloved “The Muppet Christmas Carol.”

The couple is notoriously private, but we’ve had glimpses into their love life since their courtship began in 2017.

In October last year, Alwyn backed the insanely famous singer for getting political on social media.

“I think it’s great; I think it’s important,” Alwyn told a reporter about Swift’s Instagram posts supporting Democratic candidates in Tennessee and encouraging her followers to vote.

Still, he prefers to “talk about work,” he told British Vogue last year.

“I’m aware people want to know about that side of things,” he said. “I think we have been successfully very private, and that has now sunk in for people.”



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