How To Block Certain Artists On Spotify

How To Block Certain Artists On Spotify

Image: Spotify

If you’ve ever trialled out a new playlist on Spotify, you’ll know that every now and then an artist you can’t stand will pop up and drive you insane. Turns out there’s a way to remove that chance altogether.

Spotify users will know the feeling when you put on a playlist curated by a stranger on the internet and suddenly an artist you hate intrudes your earholes and requires you to fumble around to skip it. It’s a particular nuisance when you’re driving and can’t legally change it.

My worst nightmare is my Spotify randomly throwing on an Ed Sheeran song while I’m driving and then I crash my car and die, but it keeps playing so the first responders think I was an Ed Sheeran fan and they tell my mom and I end up being cremated to Shape of You.

— Ethan 4/4 (@EFromm_24) November 11, 2019

Thankfully for iOS and Android users, there’s a way to stop this frustration once and for all.

Let’s say you want to create a blacklist of artists you would never like to hear during your listens, all you have to do is head to their Spotify page while you’re on your mobile and banish them forever.

Sorry to the Sheeran lovers out there. Image: Lifehacker Australia

Search for the artist, look for the three dots menu and select the ‘Don’t Play This’ option. Done. They’re gone.

The features works for both free and premium users on iOS and Android devices but you won’t be able to do it from your desktop just yet.

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