Fans can’t get enough of actor Jared Leto’s zany TiKTok account

Fans can’t get enough of actor Jared Leto’s zany TiKTok account

He might have 10 million followers on Instagram, but it seems actor Jared Leto is saving his most ‘likable’ content for his 40,000 fans on TikTok. 

The Louisiana-born performer seemed to preempt how popular the emerging social media platform would be, as he joined it 33 weeks ago, sharing a video of himself dancing on an elliptical workout machine singing along to a Post Malone song.

Jared, 47, has been delighting his audience on TikTok with shirtless snaps and funny videos, prompting followers to say, ‘Why has this [account] not blown up?’

Humor: Actor Jared Leto shows off his offbeat sense of humor on TiKTok, where he has quietly amassed 40,000 fans who are shocked to see him on the platform 

Welcome: Jared joined the platform some 33 weeks ago, sharing a video of himself singing and dancing on a piece of gym equipment

Jared’s latest upload shows the 30 Seconds To Mars front man standing in what looks like a crowd, filming himself looking hyper, with the caption, ‘When the lead singer looks at you’.

Mistaken identity: Some users thought that this widely viewed clip of Jared was actually reality TV fixture Scott Disick 

In the quick clip, Jared wears a ‘Camp Mars’ hat, referring to the event hosted by his band. 

Enthused commentors were also quick to compare how much Jared looked like reality TV regular Scott Disick.  

But mainly, they were just shocked that it was Jared Leto himself. 

‘I was like, “Wow that guy looks like Jared Leto,”‘ read a bemused comment. 

Another echoed, ‘I was like “Woah he looks like Jared Leto” and then I saw the username!’

Many others weighed in recalling actual experiences where the actor and singer was indeed looking at them. 

‘You looked and pointed at me during the Jacksonville FL concert last summer and I lost my mother effin mind,’ shared a follower.

‘That’s exactly how I felt when I met you in Salt Lake City,’ said another. 

He has also been using TikTok to document behind-the-scenes moments of his current European tour with 30 Seconds To Mars.  

Taking fans behind the scenes: Jared, pictured, uses TikTok to share snippets of life on the road and stage performances

Hitting the mic: It’s not unusual to see Jared, pictured, singing on his TikTok account either

It seems that the Suicide Squad star is tuned in to what’s going on in the world of social media trends. 

Recently, he posted an image of himself in red swim trunks with the caption ‘Hot Girl Summer’, referring to the most omnipresent online catchphrase of 2019. 

He also partook in the widely popular ‘FaceApp age challenge’ earlier this year, sharing an age filtered photo not just of himself, but of the fake head he carried to the Met Gala too. 

Social media whiz: The actor, 47, hasn’t missed a beat on any of this year’s viral social media trends – even taking part in the ‘FaceApp age challenge’, right

On TikTok, that same infamous ‘dummy’ head made an appearance. 

In a hilarious video uploaded a few weeks back, Jared said, ‘I’m gonna take my head to the Old Town Road’ – a nod to the catchy chart topper by Lil Nas X.

The clip shows an unknown woman lying back in the driver’s seat of a convertible car, holding up Jared’s faux face as its hair blows in the wind. 

‘My absolute favorite TikTok,’ a user responded.

‘Funniest thing ever,’ said another while someone stated, ‘I didn’t know I needed Jared Leto on TikTok until now.’  

Hilarious: A video posted to TikTok shows Jared’s infamous fake dummy head seemingly driving a convertible

Popular: The clip went down a storm with his fans on TikTok, causing some users to say the video was their ‘favorite ever’ uploaded to the platform 

On his more risque videos, which show the former My So Called Life actor revealing his svelte frame, users have laughed that even at 47-years-old, Jared isn’t above posting ‘thirst traps’. 

‘Cannot believe Jared Leto has TikTok and it’s just him acting like a 15-year-old boy,’ a commentor joked. 

Others questioned how he could really be almost 50, while some weighed in that perhaps his fit appearance is down to his vegetarian lifestyle. 

On trend: The Suicide Squad star even caught on to the viral catchphrase ‘hot girl summer’, fittingly using it on a topless photo 

Jared recently stepped out to support his fashion designer friend Alessandro Michele for Gucci’s Spring 2020 show during Milan Fashion Week.  

Jared is a regular collaborator with the house, and has been wearing custom Michele-designed stage costumes as 30 Seconds To Mars continues to tour Europe.  

The rockers are still selling out venues, having originally formed in 1998.

According to reports, Jared is also currently negotiating for the role of a serial killer in a new thriller starring fellow Oscar winners Denzel Washington and Rami Malek. 

Instagrammer: The Louisiana-born performer might just become equally as popular on TikTok as he is on Instagram, pictured, where he posts frequently 

Fashion pro! When he’s not creating viral content for social media, Jared is a ‘muse’ for Gucci designer Alessandro Michele, who took the above picture for Jared to share on Instagram 

Then and now: Jared, left in 1994 and right in 2019, often perplexes followers with his seemingly age-less appearance



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