Even Taylor Swift Is Done With This BS

Even Taylor Swift Is Done With This BS

Taylor Swift used to be known for two things: 1) Having already dated and broken up with your boyfriend. 2) Staying quiet when it came to politics. The latter makes sense as her roots in country and pop has given her a fanbase that stretches across the political spectrum. In an interview with Time magazine, she once said, “I don’t talk about politics because it might influence other people. And I don’t think that I know enough yet in life to be telling people who to vote for.” 

Taylor started as apolitical as buttered toast, but as she got older, her stances got bolder, like buttered toast with a parsley sprig and maybe some chives. Here she is with the bombastic position of “People should vote!”

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Okay, in fairness, it’s a little more pointed than that, and, especially in the past couple of years, Taylor has gone from buttered toast with chives to just dumping out an entire bottle of hot sauce onto her plate and getting to work. 



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