Ellysa – Misfits (unmastered)

Ellysa – Misfits (unmastered)

This love-able tune reminds me of the classic Christmas movie “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys.” It’s extremely playful and has a child-like feel to it, making it seem like it could be a kids’ song. Plus, the cheery little finger snaps keeping the beat are the cutest touch.

Ellysa speaks to all the people who feel odd, misunderstood and as if they don’t belong. If you’ve ever felt like a puzzle piece that doesn’t fit in with the rest, this song will help you feel less lonely.

Just like these lyrics from the chorus, “Where do the misfits go / When they want to fit in / Cause I’m feeling alone / Where do the oddballs roll / And the psychos swim / Cause I want to fit in.“

This song is very easy to sing along to. The melody is simple, and you will learn the words after only a few listens.

Ellysa compares herself to artists like Ed Sheeran, Florence Welch and Christina Perri. While she shares bits and pieces of each of those artists, I would also compare her to a singer like Dodie, because she has an adorably quirky quality about her songwriting.



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